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African Bank Mafikeng Station Towers

Contact African Bank Mafikeng Station Towers and find out about the best financial product rates and wide range of investment tools, credit card and personal loans. African Bank in Mahikeng. Address: Hatchard St Shop 13, Station Towers 2, Golf View, Mahikeng, 2745 Phone: 018 381 9500

3 Minutes Personal Loans

Apply for personal loan of up to R250,000 with African Bank, with flexible terms of up to 72 months to repay.  Apply today, in 3 easy steps! Visit African Bank ONLINE Today.

Multinet Home Loans

Multinet Home Loans will help you secure a home loan from SA’s 4 biggest banks. ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard bank. They offers home loans to suit everyone from the first time home buyer to the experienced investor. At Multinet Home Loans bond originators we have always taken great pride in our commitment to advance the ..[Read More]

Prisca Gugu Mthembu Cash Loan

Prisca Gugu Mthembu Cash Loan is a registered credit provider in SOWETO. Apply for a Loan in 5 minutes . Very Easy Approval. Cash Paid Directly into Your Account Within a Few Hours. Contact Prisca Gugu Mthembu Cash Loan. 1432C White City Jabavu Radebe Street SOWETO 6201 Tel 060 458 8753

Virgin Money South Africa

Get a personal loan between R80,000 and R250,000 to help you cover university fees. And to apply is as easy as 123…. Visit and fill in online loan enquiry with:- 1. First Name and Surname 2. Your Email Address 3. ID Number 4. Cellphone Number 5. Loan value e.g R85,000 6. Type of employment ..[Read More]

Nedbank Personal Loan

When you are ready to pursue your next goal and all you need is money to get started, dont look further – apply today for personal loan at Nedbank or Cashbuild. Offering loans at interest rates from as low as 10%. And if you qualify, you will enjoy great benefits like:- -> Deposit is made ..[Read More]

Capitec Bank Personalised Credit

Get personalised credit from Capitec Bank.Capitec personalised credit is based on your credit profile and affordability.You can use your personalised credit for your daily needs, to buy new car,pay for education or for renovating you home. To qualify for credit, you need to: √ 18 years or older √ Recent bank statement and salary slip/pension ..[Read More]

Standard Bank Student Loans

Standard Bank Student Loans is aimed at Financing your part- or full-time studies. Apply online today and enjoy an affordable interest rate. Pay  for tuition and accommodation. Student can get tuition and accommodation paid now and only pay for the interest and fees while studying. Part-time loan is paid and repayment is on monthly basis ..[Read More]