Student Loan – Standard Bank

Standard Bank part-time and full time student loan is tailored to fund students towards their next-level of education, mainly University or College.Students who wish to take this kind of loan can apply online for re-approval.

Full-time Student Loan caters for tuition and accommodation. Student can get tuition and accommodation paid now and only pay for the interest and fees while studying.

Part-time loan is paid and repayment is on monthly basis via debit order.

How it works:-

  • Tuition and accommodation* are paid to the institution or residence.
  • Loans are granted for one year of study at a time.
  • You submit your marks and proof of registration on fulfilment of the loan.
  • A once-off initiation and monthly service fee are charged on your student loan.
  • Courses must be accredited by the Department of Higher Education, SAQA, SETA or Umalusi.

To get started – Register at an accredited tertiary institution and be studying towards a certificate, diploma, degree or a postgraduate degree.

Once your loan is provisionally approved, come in to see us at your nearest branch.


To Apply online visit:-

Other South African Leading Banks offering student loan facility are Nedbank, FNB and ABSA.

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