How to Apply For FNB Home Loan

With FNB you potentially qualify for a new home loan, all you need is to get the offer to purchase and you are ready to apply for a home loan.

You can qualify for the following benefits:-

You will receive 50% discount on registration cost.
You will receive 50% back in eBucks on your first basic home loan repayment.

The process is simple because all you need is to complete bond application form and provide the following documents to proceed with your application.

  • Identity document
  • Latest proof of residence (no later than 3 months)
  • Latest proof of income (if you earn commission or over time we need 6 months payslips)
  • Income and expenditure dated and signed
  • 3 months stamped bank statements if you are not banking with FNB
  • If you are self-employed we will need 3 years up to date signed Financials, management accounts, Auditors letter , 6 months business bank statements included, signed and dated Assets and Liabilities.
    Signed offer to purchase.
  • You are able to add your spouse on the bond after getting married.
    If you are married in Community of Property you just need to send us the marriage certificate, then automatically he gets added on the bond without any additional costs.

    Our turnaround time is 5-7 working days from the day all documents have been received. An ITC check and affordability check are conducted and then we valuate the property.

    The last step is credit finalises the application. If your application is successful then we allocate registration attorneys that are on our FNB panel to assist with the registration of the amount you applied for. Please feel free to email your FNB consulatant any time when you need  assistance. Registration takes 3 months, initiation fee to be paid upfront at the attorneys or added onto the bond. Mortgage Protection Plan life cover is compulsory.

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